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Online Reputation Management

If you are among one of those who rely on the digital media for generating revenue, you will agree to us on the fact that establishing and maintaining a solid brand identity is crucial to every company’s success. Powerful brands with time not only rise to be a valuable asset, but also become vulnerable in the digital world. To protect the brand requires virtually ceaseless effort which otherwise may lead to counterfeiting, gray market activity, fraudulent pay-per-click advertising scams, IP abuse, unauthorized channels etc worldwide. There may be thousand of cybercrooks taking the advantage of automated nature, openness and anonymity of the Internet.

All these leads to the dilution of your hard earned reputation of your brand. And to combat the losses, including revenue loss, reputation, customer trust( which generally happens when someone from the online industry, for his own reasons, tries to exploit your brand) you need to protect your brand online.

To defend these threats and to protect your brands, channels and marketing investments from these ever-evolving online risks all you need is a good brand protection strategy.

Netnivaran for brand protection:
Take the leverage of the advance technology and expertise from Netnivaran. We will defend your brands, channels and marketing investments from these ever-evolving online risks and protect your brand strategically giving you instant results. What else, you have trusted your online partner Netnivaran for almost 11 years.

We understand the uniqueness of your business and so do we understand the challenges and the online threats for the same. We accordingly, blend and optimize our individual solutions for your business. With our advance unparalleled service, support and expertise, we walk towards meeting your specific brand protection needs.

Our area of expertise covers tracking down illegal online sales of products and counterfeits, mobile app protection, detecting online infringement of trademarks, logos, domain names and other IP, social media monitoring, establishing links between counterfeit networks, halt online piracy of all almost every kind of digital products, building brand reputation, managing and optimization of your global domain portfolios and many more.
Contact us to learn if your online brand is being scammed and we will assist you with the steps to take.

Product and Services:

  • Registration of domain name available worldwide
  • Bulk domain management
  • Domain expiration protection
  • Whoiswho services
  • DNS record support
  • Domain acquisition of secondary market names
  • Support system for managing registration procedures and after sales support
  • Trademark infringement defense and recovery tools

Our approach:
We believe in a client-centric approach where we provide complete online brand protection. The client may retain us for a single discrete service, such as online reputation monitoring, or opt for a complete 360-degree solution where we provide comprehensive domain management, monitoring, brand protection and enforcement. Till date we have not only proven our ability in monitoring online abuse effectively but have also recovered offending domains and have always helped your domain be an asset for you.

Why us:

  • Protection of your brand: We have the most comprehensive management tools to handle all your domain related services.
  • Prevention from online threats: prevent cyber-squatters, domain hijackers, and unauthorized DNS changes from impacting your business.
  • Domain management: Manage your domain portfolio with tools, security features, easy payment options, as per your business requirement.
  • Attracting web traffic: ensure maximum reach of your domain names online and attract customers.
  • Keep domain name assets safe –We ensure your domain name is yours throughout.
  • Domain acquisition of secondary market names

Netnivaran with its 12 year of online experience is now a known name to online users. We are here to protect your brand, your revenue and your reputation in the digital world. Our advance technology and expertise help your domain name remain your online asset, which if left unattended may be vulnerable to online attacks due to the web's anonymity, easy availability and accessibility, diversified consumption patterns for digital content etc

We have our own methodology for developing and implementing brand protection strategies for our clients. Our journey together in this online world can help preserve your marketing investments, revenues and maintain a healthy relationship with your customer.
Our Domain Management helps you establish and defend your online brand from the various online threats. With our domain portfolio, we ensure your online presence is well noticed.
With our strategies and our technology, we never let online brand abuse( counterfeiting, unauthorized channels etc) hamper your online asset. We ensure complete protection of enterprises and their customers from malware and phishing attacks We safeguard brands online to give your business a boost!

Netnivaran case management to safeguard your brand and protect your revenue

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  • 1. Brand Protection
  • Digital Piracy
  • Mobile App protection
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • IP trademark Protection
  • 2. Domain management
  • 3. SSL
  • 4. Legal

Protection from Digital piracy:
With Netnivaran, move a step towards stopping online distribution and promotion of pirated digital content worldwide, amounting to significant loss of revenues and online ROI in most of the cases. Digital content under threat: movies, music, software, games, e-books, TV and any other type of online media services relying on paid subscriptions or download fees

End user Piracy: refers to several practices that are done without the permission of the copyright holder. It includes reproducing copies of media or software for distribution without having the rights.
Internet piracy:
Availability of unauthorized, digital media distribution across online channels, such as file sharing networks . It includes selling of the licensed media on pirate websites.
Hard disc loading:
This includes illegally loading software on computers and making them available for sale.
Client server overload:
This occurs when software licensed and meant for use by a single user is made accessible to several others.
Counterfeit software:
Includes the sale of a product whose software has been copied and packed as the original legitimate brand.
Illegal streaming:
Is the downloading or making of infringing copies of media files without having access to copyrights

Protection with Netnivaran:
Identifying and removing pirated content across the internet and delivering clear ROI ,across as many online distribution and promotional channels as possible to shut down pirated digital goods, wherever they appear.

  • Detection/Investigation of online piracy: We monitor P2P users across all major networks, live and video streaming sites, mobile apps, auction sites, blogs, exchanges, websites and online forums.
  • Prevention from unauthorized distribution and selling of copyrighted works: Instant clamping down on sites and networks where the content has been made available
  • Protection of revenue: With proactive detection and immediate responding to pre-release copies on the Internet. This helps protect the revenue that is being anticipated from new releases.
  • Collection of extensive forensic evidence: This becomes helpful for possible future legal action against online pirates
  • Take-down services and enforcement: action against pirate content across all online channels through comprehensive reporting of piracy abuses
  • Piracy litigation: Get expert advices from our lawyers in civil or criminal legal action.

Worldwide reports have concluded that there are already more Internet-connected mobile devices than humans in the world. The use of dedicated mobile apps is also increasing and is completely dominating mobile internet usage, opening opportunities for the always-on interactive customer. This has further increased the unauthorized mobile app distribution and access to pirated content & counterfeit goods.

  • Trademark fraud: is used to divert traffic from the original app using trademarks.
  • Brand infringement: is the use of identical/similar apps, corporate images or logos
  • Phishing: is the use of fake apps to redirect traffic to illegitimate websites. This is often used to extract personal and financial information
  • Rogue Apps: malware disguised as mobile apps uses the original brand to attract consumers
  • Social media: is used to promote links to fake, rogue or infringing apps

Netnivaran Services:
With Netnivaran, as your mobile app protector, you get the most powerful and comprehensive end to end solution in the digital world. We are capable of effective monitoring and rapid enforcement of mobile apps across all major mobile app marketplaces including google play, windows store, itune etc. We have strategies to secure your mobile app minimize the business risk associated with mobility.

  • Protection of brand value: We are constantly and actively monitoring and keeping an eye on mobile app stores for improved visibility of the threats that are meant to infringe your brand’s integrity and value.
  • Safeguard of your IP rights: We constantly work towards recognizing similar brands, names and images that infringe on your copyright and trademarks and keep a check on false affiliated apps.
  • Protection of your mobile app: We fully scan entire mobile app content to identify malware or phishing threats and take actions accordingly.
  • Protection of revenue earned: We constantly removes mobile apps that are linked to pirated digital content and counterfeit goods.
  • Complete access to market intelligence: We keep detail information on key developers responsible of creating fake or rogue apps.

The viral potential of social media works can work out in many ways- good , bad or indifferent. The perception can turn out anywhere and make a permanent mark on the minds of influencers and potential buyers- positive or negative. Hence it’s very important to cultivate your brand’s growth and protect it from the risk of counterfeiters.
Through social media monitoring, we help you target and manage a healthy relationship with your customers - identify, predict, and respond to their behavior. Our monitoring tools are simple, effective, and lightweight, and provide the right amount of functionality.

  • Fake channels: these channels use the original company’s name and logo on their fake pages to steal information.
  • Counterfeit and digital piracy: Social media networks are often used as a base to distribute links to counterfeit products on online marketplace and independent sites.
  • Unauthorized pages on social media: leads to traffic diversion, brand dilution and trademark infringement. The main threat here is the use of trademarks by unauthorized person.
  • Reputation management: Social media is at ties used as a platform to raise awareness about anything. This may be for a noble cause or to raise awareness of protest or boycott activity.
With Netnivaran, your social media platform will always be the most potent, most usable and able to yield you high returns. Our platforms will help manage, measure and analyze your online initiatives.
  • Protect and promote established brands online: We detect patterns of discussion, behavior and sentiment of the discussion about your brand
  • Allow brand owners attract buyers: Monitoring helps you provide greater customer service and detect more buyer interest
  • Protection against revenue loss: With our monitoring tools, we takedown counterfeit and ‘copycat’ profiles related to your brand.
  • Reduce the risk of brand reputational damage: We monitor available every single social media sites for any kind of counterfiet, fraud content
  • Protect companies from brand infringements: We constantly monitor unauthorized contents and false claims of affiliation related to your brand.
  • Monitoring: We help you in filtering, segmenting and manipulating entire collective outcomes of the online campaigns.

IP trademark Protection:
With today’s growing Internet technology, trademark infringement occurs in many ways. This includes use of infringing marks in social media, domain names, meta tags, title tags, header tags, website copy, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, banner and other Internet advertisements, and search engine seeding to name a few. Trademark infringements alone can result in unintended consequences resulting in heavy looses to owners and technology companies

  • Misleading consumers through distribution of products through unauthorized sales channels and exposing the organization to liability
  • Diverting consumer traffic from its original destination by using the brand’s IP, reducing potential Revenues using copied trademarks, logos of the brand.
  • Falsely connecting corporate brands with illegal/offensive activities
  • IP or commercially sensitive information leaked on websites, online forums or social networking sites lead to significant financial loses and potentially damage customer relationships.
  • Email alerts regarding potential brand infringements in your domain name
  • Prevention and stopping of malware content, phishing attacks and typo squatters using your domain name
  • Detecting and takedown of unauthorized use of company’s logos content and images online.
  • Constant monitoring of the web for brand abuse in website page content, meta tags, hidden website code, social networking sites, mobile apps and online marketplaces.

Your organization’s domain name is the cornerstone and the foundation of your online identity. Thanks to the widespread internet usage and easy access. To promote and protect your brand, you may have accumulated extensive portfolios of domain names and found it increasingly difficult to manage them effectively.
With the support of an expert and reliable online partner, you can minimize those substantial risks associated with maintaining a global web presence. Vetting procedures, enforcement protocols are some of the hindrances resulting in disastrous consequences
Netnivaran assists you understand the risks and opportunities based on the current status of your domain name portfolio. Managing and monitoring the use of you brand through domain name is very critical. We specialize in assisting organizations in developing and managing their domain portfolios. We provide with an insight of complete global domain space enabling them seize opportunities, barring others from undermining their online brand and revenues and efficiently manage domain names.
We provide full spectrum of domain name services, ensuring your domains and your online brands are fully protected. We assist you develop and manage your domain portfolios.

  • We provide information regarding domain status worldwide.
  • We offer a global registration service covering any domain name available worldwide
  • We provide efficient domain recovery
  • With our tools and mechanism we help prevent illicit domain abuse.
  • We provide cost-effective, enterprise-wide domain management services
  • Above all we ensure complete safety and security of your domain.

3. DIGITAL SECURE SERVICES: SSL - to boost customer’s confidence on your webpage.
The growth of internet usages worldwide and the use of ecommerce had lead to rise in online buying and selling which in most of the cases require the transmission of sensitive information like credit card details, passwords etc. The failure to keep this information secure may lead to disasters.
To keep this information private and secure, online companies are issued valid SSL which indicates that the data transfer done through the particular web site is secure and will be kept confidential. Certificates are mainly installed on pages that require end-users to submit sensitive information over the internet like credit card details, passwords, personal information etc. These pages often include payment pages, online forms and login pages.
Use of SSL on web pages allows customers to see and verify the company and it also indicates that his personal information is all protected. This boosts their confidence in providing their personal details.

Threats of running an ecommerce site without SSL

  • Sensitive information of the customer like credit card details, if leaked can be exploited by hackers.
  • For the online portal marketer, a site without SSL may lead to loss of revenue as it is difficult to convince customers provide their sensitive information.
  • Leads to fraud ant cases.

Netnivaran SSL services: With our comprehensive set of SSL certificates, we ensure optimal security.
  • Multi vendor SSL products: We are open to multi-vendor approach which ensures you have access to the right product for your needs. We help resolve any queries related to SSL and offer advice relating to these products.
  • Timely renewal: We send timely email reminders for your SSL renewal.
  • SSL audit and portfolio strategy: We suggest you choose SSL, based on your business needs. This is done after a full audit of your existing domains.
  • Easy payment options for your SSL: We give you choices to make the payments for your SSL.
  • Single point contact for all your online needs: We are single handedly capable of managing and securing both your domain portfolio and SSL portfolio.

Anyone aware of the online digital world is sure to be aware of brand abuse which is a very common fact in the online industry. It is very likely that an illegal resellers and fraudulent websites may be abusing your brand without you knowing it! With the growing technology worldwide, is growing the methods and tactics of misusing the brand name which is often an opportunity for competitors to steal your visibility, your traffic, and even your online revenue. Anyone can come across online brand abuse without knowing it existed.
Brand abusers often redirect potential customers to some different website,which can damage your visibility as well as your reputation online.To protect your brand, you need to have a brand protection strategy.
Legal’s strategic role: Once the brand detects suspicious search activity online, it is up to the brand to take further action to minimize possible loss in visibility, traffic, and/or revenue. This is when the marketing and the legal team jointly enforces actions to establish a proactive brand protection strategy.

We have tie ups with lawyers who expertise in online fraud cases. At the initial level, we donot let your domain reach this level but if incase it does need legal action, you are fully equipped for this too.

Netnivaran role : Some of our key features are

  • Managing global domain names
  • Enforcing intellectual property rights
  • Detecting infringement
  • Providing online brand protection strategies
  • Detecting pirated digital content and its removal
  • Overall, prevention of brand abuse.

Brand abuse terms and meanings Domain name terms and meanings Domain Ext. available

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